Another Day...

..trying to maintain 'normalcy' - New experiences change the meaning of normal

Don't point that finger at me!!! I told you... it was my dinner! Highlights of the day? Actually talked with five of my fabulous six today!!! They say I'm strong... well, why not? I've got a great support system! Today I'm feeling blessed.

Oh yeah! Did I tell you about my new experience? I pumped my own gas! Okay, so Frank spoiled me. I told the young lady working there I didn't know how to get my gas and she came out and gave me a lesson... from credit card to full tank... and she did a great job. WoW!!! my little Ford Ranger went from empty to full for $45!!! Talk about sticker shock. I bought the gas today because the little red reminder light went on... and gas had gone down in price from $3.299 yesterday to $2.889 today.

What beautiful posts, Sherle. May God bless you and your family in this transition time.
Death sucks, dealt with some this year, coworked commited suicide and 2 friends (motorcycle riders) dies in 2 separate incidents. Glad you are doing ok.
Mom, You are wonderful and I love you!
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