It's Thursday and I'm Blogging...

...and I blogged about this campground

...and then decided not to publish it. I took this photo on August 27. Since then my life has changed. I'm not 'happy' with the change but I accept it. Isn't there a prayer about accepting the things we cannot change and changing the things we can?

Things I've thought about blogging lately...
Hurricanes: There was Katrina destroying historical cities in Louisiana and now Rita threatening Texas cities including Galveston, a beautiful city surrounded by a seawall. I've never been to Louisiana but was a passenger in a car driving along the seawall of Galveston when I was working for Dow. The ocean was beautiful as we looked down at it from 'way up above on the road. I cannot even envision the mighty force involved in creating winds and waves so big that they could not only cover that road but destroy everything in its path along the coast. My googling efforts brought me to this FEMA website for kids about hurricanes... a simple explanation for an angry natural phenomena.

Television Season: I think I'm becoming a real couch potato. Was really glad to see somebody who was likeable return to Survivor. I'm truly addicted because I would watch this show no matter how likeable or disagreeable the participants.

Watched Martha Stewart Apprentice last night. I don't think it's as good as the Trump Apprentice series, but I admire Martha and will continue watching it. Besides, it will get better. Tonight offers a 'full-house' as far as TV goes beginning with Survivor, followed by The Apprentice and topped off by ER, so if you decide to phone me tonight, do it before 8:00 or after 11:00! Otherwise you'll be talking to my voice mail. I sort of gave up on ER last year, but a new plate of charactors offers possibilities.

Mourning: As a kid I lived in an Italian neighborhood where you could recognize the widows because they were all the little old ladies dressed in black, usually walking slowly and bent over, as if eternally grieving. I've read about some cultures where the grieving widow throws herself upon the husband's coffin before the whole thing, including her, goes up in flames. Where's all that belief in heaven and the hereafter? Almost every culture has such beliefs, don't they?

I think I was brainwashed by my husband. We talked, not often, about death and how we would handle it. We both knew and agreed on funeral arrangements. We just never put it in writing. I suggest couples put it in writing! What if you forget? We discussed 'afterward' and Frank told me to look at the positive side... not to think about him being gone, but about the fact that I am alive! I do this. What he didn't tell me was that he would be with me... but he is.

Blogging: It isn't for everybody. It is for me. It is an outlet where I can express myself and explain why I do some of the things I do. I've heard in some psychological circles it is suggested that talking about your personal troubles with a total stranger is a perfect outlet. You say it... it's out... and is a source of relief. I guess it's sort of like a fart. It can be kind of embarrassing, but it sure feels good!

Hi Mom!
Your blog is wonderful. You have a real gift for writing and it is one I wish I shared. I posted some pictures today. Take a look. I will try and take one perfect picture a day, starting today. I'll post it tomorrow. That's a great idea dad had! I'll see you Saturday!
hi Sherle

I understand your ( and nat's)loss...my wonderful dad passed over on April 4th of this year...my mom spent this past weekend with me...it was obvious that she hides so much hurt...i just let her talk for hours...and i gave her a prayer card about acceptance of the loss and God's plan.
i pray for the resurrection daily...i know we will at last be together for all times.
Look for comfort in prayer...and in your wonderful kids.
I am adding you to my prayer list...dear lady...
I love reading your thoughts, Mom. I believe that what the psychologist said is true. Sometimes it's the best way to vent or express our feelings. And you do a wonderful job.

I love Dad's attitude; although sometimes easier said than done(?)

And I too will try to take a picture a day. (Outside of the pics I've been taking daily of our project. Those shouldn't count.)

I love you, Mom! (Sorry about the tv station not coming in last night; kind of put a damper on the evening line-up.) But I didn't get your voicemail... It was good to talk to you!
Mom, I think blogging is much better than a fart 'cause it doesn't stink! Love you - love your blog.
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