Look What I Saw Today. I named this photo...

because this is a tree we had cut down this year... the one with five stumps. Yup you heard that right... FIVE! It started out a mulberry tree and as it grew a different kind of tree grew out of the middle of it, giving us two trees in one. The five tree stumps are really cool. I have a plan to use them to hold bird feeders and potted plants, and perhaps even a cute little garden statue of some sort. Anyhow, it started growing and that's pretty cool too, don't you think?

Well my plans for TV watching yesterday didn't happen. I watched Survivor but then when I went to the other network - CBS - to watch The Apprentice and ER, there was a blue screen... all night long! We had a pretty intense series of thunderstorms yesterday and I guess the worst of it went a bit south of us and took down the local CBS station! So much for vegging out on the couch, eh? The good news is... they announced on the news today that 'the WB' will show all three evening shows that were not viewable last night... at the regular viewing times... so I'm glad I can get the WB, whatever that is... Warner Brothers? Anyway, in our area on Charter Cable that will be channel 15.

I'm not gonna be a good couch potato anyway. Of the three shows I planned to watch tonight, I only watched the first one and it was only so-so. The one I watched was 'Ghost Whisperer' on CBS and in my humble opinion it's just a poor substitute for 'Medium,' Monday nights at 10:00 pm on NBC. 'Medium' is a bit more plausible and supposed to be based on a true person and her experiences... probably very loosely I might add... but I like that show.

Aren't those hurricanes horrendous this year? There are more than the usual number... already in the 'Rs' for Rita, and so strong! Must be like when we had the 100 year flood in 1986... these are like the 100 year hurricanes. The 1986 flood was traumatic... I cannot even imagine living through one of those hurricanes! Newscasters are saying this one hurricane is as big as the whole State of Michigan!

That's probably why I don't watch much tv, and you don't either, right? Not much to spend time watching. We checked out the movie listing for last night and I didn't see anything I wanted to spend 2 hours watching.

That is a great picture. I did take one too yesterday; suppose I should not only take a pic a day but post one too?? =)

Love you!
I think so! ;-)
I like Medium too! I didn't even try to watch Ghost Whisperer 'cause something about that jen-love-hewitt i'm not too fond of. did you get to watch the apprentice and ER yet?
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