Simple thoughts...

First, this one is for Sharba... because the flowers were delivered to my home and you were already on your way to your home... here are the flowers from your school. They are beautiful and I enjoy them. Perhaps you might want to click on it, get a bigger picture... right click on the bigger one and choose the option 'Set as Background.' This way you will at least be able to enjoy them on your computer desktop as I enjoy them on my counter top!

Next, as you know, the love of my life left this mortal world Monday afternoon, August 28. It was a shock. He had heart problems but they were all pretty much under control... or so we thought. Frank died with his boots on - doing one of his favorite hobbies - remodeling work.

Windy's father-in-law, on the other hand, was recently diagnosed with incurable cancer... prognosis of maybe 3 months, 6 months, or tomorrow. Walt, a retired carpenter, died yesterday. It was a blessing because he was already being kept comfortable with drugs. Windy's husband Dave, a finish carpenter by trade - following his father's footsteps, had a few words, so profound in their simplicity... 'God must have a pretty big project up there... He's taken a couple of good workers this week!'

...and then there was Judge Hart in Midland, Chief Justice Renquist, and the many poor souls in the path of Hurricane Katrina. What a week, eh? Today I am feeling Now Otto... get busy and make a couple of blinkie calendars for September... please???

One done; a few more to go....

Love you!

P.S. Dave is right; and I thought that was very well said too.
Well said Dave. Thanks for the pic, Mom. Love ya!
Dave's a good guy - simplest is often best! tears showed up again reading this one; I love you Mom, and all my sisters and their families.
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