Tell me what is strange about this photo.

It's a simple answer but I'm curious to know how many people actually notice it. We were out and about yesterday... in my yard.. searching for the 'perfect photo' of the day. This is my pick for my pic!

Windy sure had fun taking macros with her Fuji and OttO was checking things out with her Sony. Foggy? Well, she was subject of some of my photos since she was determined to get my lawn mowed! She did and it was a darned good job, too. Thank you Foggy!

What else? Oh, yes... two of the guys worked on my old riding lawn mower... determined to get it running in a 'user friendly' manner... that 'user' being yours truly! Does it work? Well, we called it a day when 9:00 p.m. rolled around and I had to curtail all social activity in favor of watching The Apprentice on the WB... where it was aired for disappointed Apprentice addicts everywhere who were disappointed when the local NBC station went 'belly-up' on Thursday night.

Not much happening on the local dioxin fiasco scene lately... a good thing because all of us 'normal' citizens have had it up to our eyeballs. However, it could be a 'bad' thing because heaven only knows what the econutz are up to when it gets quiet.

What is strange about this photo? Leave your guesses here and stop by tomorrow for the answer! Love to all. Today I'm feeling a bit so watch out!

I have NO idea... but I'm hoping someone does. I think it's absolutely gorgeous!

A bit devilish, eh? I can't imagine... Love you!
Could it be upside down? I really think it is a perfect pic!
Here from Shirl's other side.
Can't be upside down as the older flower is hanging down.
Hmmm, I have no idea but it is nicely done.
It looks like santa claus is on the flower...but I could have wishful thinking wanting cooler weather around here.
Nothing is wrong with the photo! I love you mom - so is the lawn mower user friendly?
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