Frost Predicted for Tonight in Mid-Michigan

Weather guy is gleefully predicting our weather will reach the freezing point tonight. I've brought in some of my geraniums... they look beautiful inside & add that special touch of color all winter! I just have to remember not to overwater them. It's easy to keep them in a bright place because my home has lots of windows.

I might bring in a couple more plants today and must transplant the sage into the ground. It won't survive winter inside or in the planter box where it resided all summer. The sage is wonderful! I clip and wash a few leaves and tuck them under the skin of my Thanksgiving turkey for a special aroma and flavor! I also use some to rub the inside of ol' Tom, along with some garlic, then throw a few pieces of onion and celery in there. No, I don't stuff it because most of my family likes the dressing a bit crisp so I bake the 'stuffing' in flat baking dishes alongside the bird.

My little $20 electric heater is keeping me warm. I carry it to the bedroom at night and into the living area in the daytime. Getting a second estimate for new furnace - a hot water system boiler - Tuesday next week. I hope they move fast after my decision... or I'll need to buy a second little heater!

I noticed that weathermen are always excited when we're supposed to get bad weather... Do you think they act that way because they think it's part of their job, or are they just weird??? =)

Keep warm, and I'm praying that you get a decent estimate Tuesday!
good luck with the heating system Mom!

Otto - the weather guys are weird! I think they all want to be comedians
I agree, weathermen are weird! Have a great day, and keep warm!
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