It's Monday...

and time for a bit of Monday Madness... I will answer number 2 first...
2. What does your computer desktop background look like?
It looks like this:

I'm sure most of you know how to do this. Click on the subject on your monitor screen that you want to copy... in this case it was the screen on my laptop. Open up any of your picture handling programs - I used PhotoShop Elements 2 - and paste it into an empty page. Then of course, save it as a .jpg so you can upload it to your blog.

1. What's on your computer desk?
Right now I'm using my laptop computer desk and all that's on it is my morning cup of coffee on the top shelf, my laptop mouse on the second shelf, the third shelf has a couple of CD-R's and my cable tv zapper. Bottom shelf has a tv guide from the newspaper and a magazine.

3. What's on your agenda for the upcoming week?
a. Internet SIG (special interest group) meeting of our computer club.
b. Visit by 'the bug' aka Jan for a week of 'helping mom'.
c. Windy visit & her husband stopping by after work to park my boat for the winter.
d. Foggy & her husband for dinner.
e. Otto & her husband coming over to work with Jan on cleaning & refurbishing my back deck... it's a BIG one.
f. Mow the lawn one of those days... I can do that now that Rich fixed the lawnmower.
g. whatever else happens to come up... and something will, I know!

While I'm here I just want to tell everybody about one of the newest & greatest ideas for a women's getaway retreat in historic Chesaning, Michigan -
Creative Passions, Crop and Quilt Retreat
You've got to check out this website! If you are a quilter or scrapbooker, this is the place for you and your friends to get together for a whole weekend of working on your hobby together - at a price that is unbelievably reasonable!

This morning I'm feeling...Bear by Otto! ... with such a caring and helpful family!

You have quite a week coming up! Beautiful desktop, by the way!

...and we feel blessed to have you for a mom too.

Love you!
See you soon! I will call tomorrow and inform you of my scheduled arrival time. Love you Mom!
Pretty pic! See ya soon! Love ya. Shar
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