Jan was here...

...and so were her sisters

...and her brothers-in-law! She blew in like a hurricane; moved like a tornado for a week... and flew off like a bird! We had a great visit. Most of her sisters were able to drop in for a bit of visiting and a lot of hard work - all this immediately after the previous weekend of a bit of visiting and a lot of work with her other sister and two three (I was seeing one of them so often it was like having a husband again) of the sons-in-law! What can I say?
Thank You Kids!
I Love You!

... and now I am back in CA - everything went smoothly; I enjoyed the week very much. I love you Mom and all my seesters!
it was a long day?
We had fun working over there too. I'm so glad we got to help out and do a bit of bonding all at the same time! Love you! =)

Jan, glad you made it home safely! Love you too!
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