Life is Good...

The Bug is visiting me this week. It's nice having somebody around the house to have meals with... talk if you want and be quiet if you want... help choose what to watch on TV... all that and she likes to help me get things done around the house!

We've been hitting on projects that have lain idle for awhile. Thursday we got rid of a big pile of stuff... took it to the Salvation Army thrift shop. They were glad to get it. We had such a big pile we had to take the van as my Ranger didn't have a big enough space for all of it! First time I ever drove the van - can you imagine? I like it!

Well, gotta go. Jan is already 'on the job' and we have company coming for dinner - Foggy & family.

and we'll see you tomorrow! =)
The shop vac is my friend
I also have grown to appreciate a good shop vac! See ya soon!
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