Sad but true...

Nutcases on the internet are invading our blogs now! I've already blocked comments on one of my blogs because of so much spam in the comments section! Are they working on our Hello photo input now? Trying to upload a photo from Hello - I received the message:

Error:com.google.blogger.exceptions.RateLimitingException: For
anti-spam verification purposes, please login to Blogger.com and create a post
on your blog. You will need to solve a CAPT

Well here's the photo I wanted to share. It's a picture of my view from the kitchen window. Isn't it beautiful? How could anybody have a bad day with beauty like this right in their own backyard?

I was able to share my photo by using the 'compose' mode of blogger. I actually like Hello better only because it frames the photo for you... which does add a nice touch.

I accidentally erased part of that quote above but what it means is you have to type in characters seen in a picture before you can publish to your web. I guess many of today's kids have more time than they have brains because they sure like to cause havoc for no apparent reason on the internet. Bye for now... I may try again later!

nice view. It's enough to make you smile.
Have a pleasant evening.
yes the colours are exceptionally luvely this fall
Very beautiful! Did you take that picture today, cause almost all of our leaves are off the trees now! Talk to you soon!

On another note, I'm very glad to hear that the new heater is installed. Now it will be much easier for you to "keep warm!" Love you! Windy
Beautiful! Love you! =)
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