Today I decided to go outside...

because I've been doing 'desk work' all day long!

This morning... took care of 4 more bills... but first I phoned my insurance agent Gee I'm glad I did! She changed my van insurance to 'comprehensive' because I only plan to drive it occasionally... when we put the boat in and when we take it out. I've cut my auto insurance almost in half. She told me just give her a phone call whenever I decide to use it! I recommend Auto-Owners Insurance!!! For autos, homes and even boats.

- Received a phone call with my first estimate on a new furnace. I need a new boiler and a couple of extra peripherals for it. The price? High!!! I have somebody coming over next Tuesday to give me another bid.

Yesterday my right leg hurt - the shin bone... I think. For some reason I thought it might be my shoes causing the problem. Well guess what? It hurt again today and I was barefoot most of the time!

When I went to the post office to mail my bill payments I wore my oldest crappiest walking shoes... an old pair of Dr. Scholl's with extra arch supports in them... and when I got home, walked around the yard a bit taking photos and got my newspaper.... came in the house & the leg no longer hurts!!! It was the shoes! Funny thing... I bought an identical pair of Dr. Scholl's walking shoes a while back and they hurt my right foot - where I have a bunion. So I guess they're not identical after all. I sure am gonna look funny wearing my ratty old ones whereever I go, don't you think?

I missed Survivor last night because I had a computer club meeting. Great meeting, not many showed up for it though... they missed a good one! A young chiropractor talked to us about ways to keep ourselves in shape... at the computer and otherwise. Very interesting information.

Today I discovered I could find out all about what happened on Survivor by going online to http://www.cbs.com/primetime/survivor11/show/ep05/index.shtml - just found out you can also watch videos and all kinds of other stuff about the survivors here. Now I don't feel so bad that I don't know how to use the VCR. (I'll learn though... don't worry.) What I really wanted was to find a place on tv where it might be run again on a different day.

So buy a pair of shoes just like the crappy ones. Do they still make them? It's good to know though, that it was the shoes, right?

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, Mom! Talk to you soon! Love you. =)
I bought identical name & design, but they don't feel the same! There's a stitch sticking out right where I have a bunion. It doesn't hurt on the old pair. Love you too.;-)
I didn't find Survivor playing on another day yet, but I did find both Apprentices - Martha Apprentice (the one I miss because of Lost) plays on CNBC on Thursday at 5pm - that is in CA at least. Love you MOM
Hi Mom,
I'm glad it was the shoes. I'm hoping you get your new heater soon. Fall has certainly set in! Love you!!!
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