Warm is a good thing...

...and I'm warm!
What a difference a day makes. The guys from Answer Heating and Cooling showed up bright & early yesterday, promptly at 8:00 a.m. while I was still having my morning coffee.

Replacing a boiler that was in place since late 1960 takes more talent and determination than just plain ol' installing a new one... and these guys are wonderful! What a team. Answer depends on referrals for their business and they deserve your business! When I told the sales manager I had no heat at all - just a little portable electric - he made sure I would not have to wait. Now I can get back to the business of living read the article where I recently used this sign at TRVoiceinstead of spending my time keeping warm!

What's happening? I'm back to working with my friends on the 'homeowners fairness' legislation. I guess I'm now included in the class action suit with the litigious weirdos that love to sport their skull & crossbones t-shirts and signs. I have my own version of their sign. I created this version based on observation of the species... Lone Tree Council.

These people are complaining about the vague possibility of minute amounts of a dangerous chemical existing in their yards because of historical and archaic manufacturing methods. The company they (I guess I mean we, although against my will) are suing discovered the means for even measuring down to quantities in parts per trillion... and cleaned up their act long ago. I have personally observed two female members of the original 7 litigants, after a performance they put on for the news media, purposely ingesting large known quantities of that and other chemicals even more dangerous to their health. Right! They were having a cigarette!

What else is happening? I'm planning for getting my cell phone replaced... still an active member of two computer clubs... currently planning for a big Thanksgiving feast to include all of my wonderful big family who can possibly fit it into their busy schedules. Let me know, people!

glad to hear everything went well with the boiler.enjoy your new found warmth.
Of course, count us in for Thanksgiving. I'm SO glad you have heat; it makes a world of difference in what you're spending your time doing, I bet! Love you, Mom! =)
I'm glad you have heat! And your phone should be to you by Tuesday -
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