Who says you need sons to get a job done after your husband is gone?

When you have daughters like mine...

..there's all kinds of help around! Here are Mike, Kevin & Richard - getting my boat ready for the trip home, after pulling her out of the water. Today another son-in-law, Windy's husband Dave, will stop by after he gets out of work and position the boat on it's pad in my driveway.

Today Jan arrives and we'll get more things done, including even more help from Otto & her hubby, Emilio. Kevvy & Sharba are coming over to get my furnace going for the winter. A couple of the guys indicated it may need a bit of repair & Kevin's the guy for that job! The way things are going I should be in great shape for the long cold winter. Now all I need is money.
Today I'm feeling... ... actually I'm feeling loved!!! I guess there's a difference. Did I tell you I mowed my lawn? Thanks, Rich, for getting that mower going for me.

It's wonderful when people care.

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