Bet you can't guess why this guy's on my roof!

He's installing the boiler for my hot water heating system, of course.
Yeah I know... this was last week's project, but I just had to share this picture with you. Part of installation required a new chimney liner. The fellas didn't want to chance harming the old brick chimney by propping a ladder against it. They didn't feel it was safe to walk on the cedar shakes roof - especially since it was raining and they were wet and slippery. Solution? Get a crane over here... and there you have it - Tim up on the roof, supported by a crane and ready to get the liner and put it down into my chimney! Guess there won't be much room for Santa anymore. The liner is pretty slim.

I was just watching the Today Show on NBC... having my coffee and playing Spider Solitaire. Actually I was listening, not watching. Then I was listening to a girl singing - not a bad voice but not great either, in my opinion - but definitely a girl! All of a sudden Ann Curry busted out laughing! I looked up - there was a guy, naked to the waist, and it didn't show below - singing his heart out with that girl's voice! When Ann could not stop laughing she endeared herself to me for a long time! Apparently the girl's voice coming out of that guy was a big surprise to her too! The guy(???) is really big in England right now and will be on the Today Show tomorrow. I guess I'll be watching.
You might say that incident left me feeling

Hi Mom!
That's a job you couldn't pay me enough to do!!!
It wouldn't have occurred to me that he would have to get on the roof. I guess he got down safely, and if you can just get Santa to diet, all should be well.

I read the first post and looked at the name after the second post - thought to myself why is cassieb calling my Mom mom? then I saw that she wasn't - anyway - I didn't realize the chimney was involved with the boiler; shows what I know. love you Mom
being in the HVAC business, I figured he was there for the boiler. Those dang chimney liners. But I guess they do increase safety!
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