Do you know when the first day of Christmas begins?

Well, I do! I asked Jeeves! His first response is here: Drennon's Twelve Days of Christmas. It tells the true origin... then goes on to tell us the urban myth that says the song was actually part of 'An Underground Catechism.'

Fantastic site. I read the whole thing and just loved it. I'll never hear that song again without thinking of the letters regarding the gifts on that website.

Thanks so much for the laugh. If this was supposed to spark the Christmas spirit, it didn't work for me.

But I'll have to get the Christmas spirit soon. We give gifts to a lot of people.
Very interesting... I loved reading those letters! (Poor Sara.) =)
I am just amazed by the people that have already started decorating for Xmas... even before halloween... that's just scary.
luved it
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