I Was Without Internet Since Yesterday Evening...

..and I see Otto was also! I almost phoned her but she had phoned me earlier and I didn't want to interrupt her evening. I didn't mention before but it was Otto & her husband, along with her stepson & his wife, who spent most of their Saturday at my house cleaning up my husband's lifetime collection of metal junk even though they all have full-time jobs and plenty to do at home on their weekends. Here's a big ol' public THANK YOU, family!

I'm always talking about my wonderful daughters. Cassie-b asked how many daughters I have. The answer is six - all pretty close in age. Would you believe they all have blogs. The ones who blog the least work with computers in their everyday jobs (doing stuff I don't know how to do) so they don't blog quite as often. Here they are in birth order. The two in the middle are twins:
- Windy (Linda)
- Sharba (Sharlene)
- Peakay (Pamela)
- Foggy (Patricia)
- Otto (Natalie)
- Bug (Janice)
I wanted a big family... I wanted girls... I am blessed. They are an eclectic mix of personalities and I dearly love every single one of them.

Now... a bit of monday madness

1. Sometimes I wish I could just afford to hire somebody to complete the work on my house all at once.
2. If I could take a long weekend to heaven to *visit Frank, I'd be very happy. *I would definitely require a return ticket home for this trip!
3. The world would be a better place if more people would just be considerate of one another.
4. One of my greatest qualities is patience.
5. The one thing about me that I need to work on is patience.
6. Happiness is being content with what you have but always planning and ready for the next phase.

Good questions Otto. I really look forward to Mondays & a bit of 'madness'.

I love you, Mom!
Thanks so much for the daughter count. I have 2 sons, no daughters. But sons are good too.

Most of my family either has or reads blogs (at least mine). It's a nice way to know how things are going in the family.

Sorry about that internet lapse. That kind of thing drives me crazy.
Hi Mom, I love your MM answers especially the long weekend.
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