It's another really really windy day!!!

...and the good news is:

...and the bad news is: I don't really want to go outside at all! It's too windy!!!

Oh! more good news!!! I ordered a pair of shoes from TEVA!!! Want to see them? I hope they're as comfortable as they look. Jan says Teva shoes are comfy. You'd better be right, Bug... because you know how funny you look trying to wear your mom's shoes! Wanna see 'em? I like the beige color too but thought this color might go with more of my winter things. Who knows? If I really love them I might get another pair... in the other color!

Today I'm feeling

If you don't like them or if they're the wrong fit, you can send them back; it will cost shipping, but it's better than having the wrong shoe. They look pretty cool; if the size is right, I'm confident you'll like them.
next time you see a limb dangerously close to a power line, call the electric company immediately. i think they would rather come out and prevent a problem than have to fix one.
Good advice from Jan! Just by looking at that shoe, I think it'll be comfy. And it looks like something I'd wear.

Wind, wind, go away!!!

Love you, Mom!
Hi Mom,
The shoes look comfy. I hope you like them. I'm glad to hear you are sleeping better too.
Take care! Love, windy
Those shoes look great! I haven't heard of Teva, but went over to have a look around their website.

Thanks for the link.

I really dislike cold weather, which we're having, and when you add a lot of wind, I'd just rather stay indoors.
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