My second post of the day....

..a bit of Monday Madness

1. I have little or no patience when it comes to people like Michael Moore. (Sorry, the news just came on! This guy is a multimillionaire and keeps getting richer by pretending he relates to 'the poor' (that would be us). He criticizes big business but owns a load of stocks...

2. I wish I could spend more time in the sunshine! It was dark and gloomy all day today and the days are still getting shorter here in Michigan.

3. The most productive thing I accomplished this past weekend was laundry - I did it yesterday so it would be out of my way this week and I can concentrate on getting ready for Thanksgiving.

4. The most enjoyable thing I did this weekend was talk with Otto on the phone. She called right after I photographed my cats - where four of them were all snoozing on my bed at the same time... a real novelty. They filled it up.

5. I've always wanted to learn how to answer this question. I really don't have any such big 'always wanted to learn' thing.

6. If money wasn't an issue, I'd buy a lakeside condo.

7. I blog because I like to write, but just writing a journal wouldn't be fun because I like to have somebody read what I write.

Thanks OttO!

I just had to throw that question in there, didn't I? =)

You're in the top 3! Yay! It's been a busy weekend around here, of course we have LOTS more to accomplish yet. But all is well. Love you!
you're in the top five this week! love you
Howdy! Looking forward to Thursday. Pray for good weather. Also, I have been unable to leave comments on Otto's blog lately. Anyone know why??
Hi! Looking forward to Thursday. Sounds like a full house!
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