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I find drinking 'gentle' teas contributes to tranquility. The day I raked, the Tylenol helped bigtime!!! I think partly because I don't take many pain killers it works extra well. Yesterday my shoulders still didn't ache... and yet again today! Today my heart aches instead... but I can't find a pill that helps.

Here's some Monday Madness...
Otto said...'It's been a while since we've done this; I ask each of you to choose a letter of the alphabet and answer each of the following with a word/group of words that begins with the letter you've chosen... And as always, thanks for playing! =)'

I'm choosing B for my maiden name... Barton

1. Name one color. - Brown
2. Name one song. - 'Blue Moon'
3. Name one movie. - 'Bridges of Madison County'
4. Name one vehicle. Buick
5. Name one food. - brussels sprouts
6. Name one household item. - broom
7. Name one book. - Bible

Does anybody know how to remove a 'write protect' from a flash memory card - you know... like the ones we use in our cameras???

Today I'm feeling

I'm not sure how to do that with a flash memory card, Mom. But we'll find out!

I wish now that I would have come here earlier in the evening; I'd have called you. Now you may be already sleeping. I hope you're alright. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Love you!
you picked 4 of my favourite b's...brown...blue moon...brussel sprouts...bible
Hey Granni,
There appears to be a little sliding tab on the left side of the card(when the card label is facing you, that has to be it . Just slide it up or down depending on where it is now. Good Luck
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