Tidy Friday Wrap-up....

..on Sunday afternoon!
So as not to take credit for that which is not mine... I took this picture Friday afternoon. It had also snowed Thursday. I do not recall any recent years having such an early snowfall! Will this be the pattern for winter 2005/2006?

Not lots of snow but nuisance snow... the kind that makes roads slippery in the morning and as it gets blown across roads. I guess it's better than hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and earthquakes blowing around the world, eh? Not so sure I like the gloominess that's been hanging around though. Sunshine is good. Well enough about the weather... pretty boring don't you think?

Last spring I got an IPAQ handheld computer from somebody that didn't want it anymore. Been messing with it off and on since then. Well this weekend I just charged it up again! If you let it sleep too long it loses all its memory, you know, so it was like starting all over again. This time I have a bit of time to learn how to use it. One thing I learned... by reading the book Larry... was that it should be plugged in whenever it's not traveling... and for that matter, even when it's traveling whenever possible.

It has an expansion memory card pack but it doesn't seem to work. Guess I'd better get together with the previous owner and find out what I'm not doing right. Also, it has the neatest fold-up keyboard... basically full-sized. I think I need to download a driver for it though... so far all I could find online was in Japanese. I don't read Japanese. I like my IPAQ just the way it is... but plan on using its full potential soon!

Today I'm feeling because the chatboard was used by an ignoramous. I think I will delete it because I usually forget to check it out anyway.

snow! Wow! it's pretty - what's not yours? love you
Hello girls! Bug... sorry I really didn't make it clear did I? The photo of snow on the trees is Natalie's! I put it on my blog in sort of an experimental mode... using Flickr and the 'blog this' feature because I wondered if I could. This one, as you know, is my bench and I took the picture too!
Why did I think I commented on this post already? Hmmmm... It's ok with me that you put my picture on your blog; I'm flattered. Hey Jan and Windy! Love you all!
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