The turkey turned out pretty good...

...oooops! I guess I got his bad side - the rest of that wing was still in the pan. Not bad color though, is it? What a meal... what a family! Those who could be here... were - and so much sharing. Sharba's famous spinach dip in a big rye round a few hours before dinner filled famished tummies that had early breakfasts, a long ride to granni's house, or just wanted a tasty appetizer! Pumpkin pies grown, built & baked by Windy and the perfect apple pie by Sharba's daughter... and Sharba's hubby was my kitchen assistant - bigtime!

Kevvy is a wonder in the kitchen. His 'smashed' potatoes are the best & he carves turkey like a pro! The table was full; tummies were filled; conversation flowed beautifully and comfortably... Otto and family got here in time for dinner despite her stepdaughter's best attempt at sabotage. They brought us up to date on the remodel project. Amazing! Despite all the preliminary happenings to slow them down, they're now at the finish line. Her stepsons are great... helping their dad often and I'm guessing they'll be in the new part by Christmas.

When all were gone I slept like a baby for the first time since August 29. Was it family... conversation... tryptophan... or all of the above? Dunno... don't care... just know it feels so good! Perhaps I will have to do some holiday shopping after all!

What a delicious dinner it was too! We had a great time. =)
That's a beautiful turkey! it sounds like the best family gathering.
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