What is it they say about the 'last rose of summer?'

It can't be too bad, because this old rose actually looks pretty good, don't you think? This flower is from a bush we planted long ago and it almost disappeared among the weeds in the past few years.

The free landscaping this summer... and of course, my new knees... revived my gardening gene! One of the more pleasurable was rediscovery of these forlorn, neglected white roses. Yes... white. I think the pink is because of the cold weather because they actually looked white during the summer.

Today I should be doing some paperwork. I've neglected it too long. Gotta have things in order - I'm thinking by end of the year at least! Okay, I've guilted myself into it. Gonna start now. Meanwhile, I just want you to know I'm feeling just fine today... glad it's warm in my house... trying not to see how gloomy the weather is. I do not like so much rain and cold.
Today the weather is but I'm feeling because I don't want to do all that death-related paperwork!!! Anyway, I used to hear people say 'I feel like the last rose of summer' like it's a bad thing. Right now it's looking like a pretty good thing! Cheers!

Sorry you have to do that hateful paperwork. I lost my 15 year-old son a while back, and it never seemed to end. And he didn't even own anything!
keep on pushin' through ? i know words of advice aren't always what people need or want; I love you Mom! Sweet Dreams...........
Hi Mom,
I just finished catching up on your blog. First, in response to your doorbell story. Sounds to me like someone is letting you know something. I'd have to say, I'm a believer!
Last Rose of Summer - I agree, it looks pretty good from here too! Talk to you soon, Love, Linda
i think that rose is someone speaking to you

my peewee hydrangea had 1 blossom that stayed in bloom until last week...i believe my dad was behind that
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