Who gets 'the King's chair' in my house?

You guessed it! His name is Bubba - the masculine version of his first nickname - Bubbles - which was given to him by his original family (where he was born). His given name back then was... Champagne! Also not very guy-like, don't you think? Anyway, he's a buncha buncha lovin' Bubba when he wants to be. The rest of the time? He either lies around looking regal or attacks EllieMae, the little momma-girl cat who adopted me!

Now on a more serious note, if you've been wondering or worrying about the avian flu... don't be too concerned. I asked a friend, who happens to be a doctor, if I should be worried about catching this flu when I feed the wild birds. He said there is not much concern at this time here in the United States and it tends to be more prevalent in water fowl.

If you're feeding wild birds, wash your hands well afterward. There are other diseases we are more inclined to catch from them if we accidentally touch their feces or other residue. Me? I'm not sure if I will continue my bird feeders because I'm afraid I might have problems going up and down the back deck in winter when things are slippery and icy. The good news? My neighborhood has lots of bird feeders!

P.S. - Stop by at sherle's photos to see a recent autumn photo!

I believe it's love at first sight. I just love that cat. And his name is fantastic.

Hey! I just read the last couple weeks of your entries. Great pics!! Love ya!
Hi Mom! Bubba IS a king, right? =)

I left a comment over at your photoblog, but wanted to leave one here too. I think it's a good idea not to feed the birds in the winter. You don't need to be falling!

Love you! =)
He's a good cat - the closest thing to a dog that you have - he'll do (I say with love)
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