Why I need a bigger bed...

sleepy time...

FOUR cats!!! That's why! Actually I have five cats but the big guy there - Bubba - won't let Ellie May anywhere near him - no way and no how! These kits are... from left (the orange & white fellow): Goober, Daisy Mae, Bubba and AmyLou Mae.This is the scene that made my day Monday. How can anybody have a bad day with such a beautifully furry little family, eh? Oh yeah... here's Ellie Mae. Is she bothered by the lack of togetherness? I don't think so.

Right now I'm preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Made some cranberry sauce already... and cooked sweet potatoes (in the microwave) - when they're cool I'll be able to put them together with some brown sugar and marshmallows (cuz that's how #1 son-in-law likes 'em). The turkey finally thawed enough for me to get the giblets out... they're cooking right now for the stuffing. Got two pumpkin pies baked already - thanks Windy!!! Don't forget to bring 'em tomorrow! (Windy grows her own pumpkins for the pies, too.) Yes, there's Coolwhip in the freezer!
Hmmm! What's left to do? The dressing - after giblets are cooked. I don't stuff the bird because everybody likes their dressing kind of crunchy so I just bake it separately. Gonna make a cherry/blueberry crisp instead of pies because I'm too lazy to make a crust from 'scratch' and don't have any from the Pillsbury doughboy in my fridge right now. I have some veggies & olives for a crunchy tray (& hoping Windy remembers to bring some of her famous pickles) and there will be dinner rolls. Okay I cheated there - bought some at the supermarket & just have to pop them in the oven for last minute browning tomorrow. Hmmmm! What am I forgetting? Oh yes!!! I'll cook a nice green veggie just because I should...

I blogged over at TRVoice too! You must read the Thanksgiving menu I referred to over there!

Today I'm feeling click me to get your own moody bears from OttO! for family & friends... and click me to get your own moody bears from OttO! that everybody has safe travel weather for the holiday.

Sounds yummy - have a great day - I love you all!
Cute picture! See you tomorrow! =)

Love you!
Happy Thanksgiving, Mom. See you later today!
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