Yesterday I returned some items to a friend...

..and while I was there, in Midland, she showed me how to get to the Community Center. It was the longest short trip I've ever driven!!! (FYI I couldn't find the place last week when I wanted to attend a meeting there.)

Most of the time I was 'too close to the curb' - never mind I never drove over the curb or even rubbed near it. The rest of the time I was either moving too soon - in front of a car??? - or not soon enough! Every once in a while I was supposed to turn 'right now!' before a corner or driveway appeared. When she suggested we have a bite to eat I said I had just eaten a couple of hours ago and wanted to get home before dark. Actually, I was exhausted!

When I got home I fed the cats and chilled out. Home never felt so good! Does that make me an uncaring person?

Lately I haven't been sleeping as well as I should... waking up several times during the night. A few days ago I stopped having my evening cup of green tea - to avoid the caffeine - and now I can sleep a little better. Jan suggested I try having an herbal tea at night, maybe chamomile. I really don't like the taste of chamomile but today I found some chamomile with mint. While I was shopping I also bought ginger with lemon... and just finished having a cup. Mmmmmmmm! Very tasty! Tomorrow night, the minty chamomile! The store also had chamomile with valerian - branded as 'Sleepytime Extra' - but I was a bit concerned that the valerian might be more than I need. Who knows? Maybe I'll buy some next time.
Tonight I'm feeling

Hi MOM! I know what you mean about the driving thing; have you tried yahoo driving directions? you just need the address and they're usually right on. Love you
I used to drink herbal tea after dinner and got out of the habit. Your comments reminded me. Think I'll have a cup tonight.

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