Yesterday I was feeling

kind of like this...
..and was pretty frustrated... maybe feeling a bit sorry for myself. Yes, perhaps I was angry as well! Then the phone rang and I had a nice visit with one of my daughters. It changed my whole attitude. Later the phone rang again... another daughter! Yes! What a difference a phone call can make.

Last night as I vegged in front of the tv I could hear the farmer's powerful machines out there... working late into the evening. They were loading semi's full of golden kernels of corn. It was too dark to take pictures.

Today some of my family came over and removed a lot of junk metal items from my property. It was stuff Frank had 'collected' for over 40 years. It was a sunny day - early on - and they all have homes and families but they knew that moving that stuff would make me happy. There were a couple of phone calls too! I love my family and they continue to bring sunshine into my life.

It's been raining all evening. For awhile there was even hail bouncing off the roof and all around. I was cozy in my warm house, watching 'Catch me if you can' starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I enjoyed it. The news came on. There are 6,000 people in Saginaw without power tonight. Some people had to evacuate their homes because a tree fell and busted a gas main in one neighborhood. There were a couple of people reportedly trapped in their cars because trees fell on their cars. Life goes on and soon the sun will shine again.

Today I feel

I'm glad the metal is finally moved; I should have trusted my instincts and moved it away from the house in a neater out of the way place before I left. Love you Mom
It sounds like a day to enjoy. And I hope you enjoy today as well.

I wonder how many daughters you have. I have two sons, no daughters.
Mom, Sounds like a good and productive day. With hardly any Saturdays off together, and finally one yesterday, we also did lots of stuff in the yard yesterday. Talk to you soon.
Love, Windy
Well, it's moved so all is well, right? Love you! =)
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