Decking the halls...

..yes, that visit to Frankenmuth really gave me a jump-start!!! It's beginning to look like Christmas around here now... and the Nativity scene is prominently displayed where the cats can't accidentally knock it over! You know what this means? I'll be 'at home' for Christmas and those who like to visit on the Day are welcome! Also looking forward to our traditional family party on the Saturday after Christmas... which just happens to be New Year's Eve this year!

I visited Bryn's blog yesterday. It's beautiful AND she has all kinds of Christmas links. I just keep going back to visit the various links. Bryn also told me about 'The Christmas Blessing' tonight at 9:00 on CBS. I also planned to watch 'Silent Night' - a 2002 movie - on the Hallmark Channel, but now it sounds like I might have seen it already. I've asked Patti & Rich to tape the 2005 Carool Burnett version of 'Once Upon a Mattress' - 7:00-9:00 tonight on ABC but I might watch it if I already saw the one on Hallmark.

Oh yeah... almost forgot. Bryn's website also pointed me toward a little review to find out if you're naughty or nice!!! I scored a C+... you'd think I'd have gotten extra credit for telling the truth, wouldn't you? (Bryn & OttO both scored A's.)
Today I'm feeling click me to get your own moody bears from OttO! Love to all, Ima CouchPotato

Thanks for the link. I'm going over to Bryn's to check out his Christmas links.

Have a great day.
Hi MOm, i love you!
You're not implying that I wasn't telling the truth, are you?? =)

I probably could have ended up with a B or lower too.

Love you!

(I wish the wind would stop blowing so I could drive again. We have drifts and ice on our roads out here. I'd have liked to help you decorate for Christmas.)
I like that the mom got a lower grade than the daughter.

Merry Christmas!
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