I hate politics so I'm gonna ALWAYS vote!!!

Can you believe? We (Tittabawassee River Voice) have met with legislators and with local elected officials and all of these people agree - our homes and property need to be protected from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, which is overrun with extemist environmental activists - none of whom we elected! Governor Granholm, who has already dragged our lovely state of Michigan into last place on so many levels, just turned on us today. She vetoed the homeowners' rights legislation that all of the rest of our elected officials agreed to support.

Now on to what I really wanted to talk about today... Did you ever hide something - from yourself? If so, you know how relieved I was to find these items today!Not that I don't ever clean house but... well sometimes I must do a better job than others.

Right after Frank died, I checked his billfold and saw this credit card. Decided I should put it away until I had time to take care of such things. A few days later I couldn't find it! Panic! Phoned the company and cancelled it. Got a new one in my own name. That was four months ago.

Last week I was cleaning house for the Christmas holiday. I found the credit card AND a little bit of money. It was the best Christmas gift! All that time I couldn't find the card - and I looked again periodically. Funny thing... I don't even remember the money!

Today I am click me to get your own moody bears from OttO! at the Governor of Michigan... How could she be so continually unaware of the taxpaying voters in this state!!???! I guess she must not plan on running for a second term.

I'm glad you found the credit card. Like I've always told myself, I should NEVER tuck away something important in a "safe place." =)

About the veto; I understand Mike Goschka is upset with the governor, as well as (I'm sure) a lot of residents. I don't think this is the end of it. I hope she gets enough pressure to make her reconsider. Love you, Mom!
Mom, I know exactly how it feels to put something away for "safe keeping" and not be able to find it later. While I was living in Jax FL with a third roomie (not for long,) I stashed hundereds of dollars; it took months for me to find it. It's rough being me sometimes.
I put things in safe places all the time. Safe from ME, that's for sure.

Yes, always vote. It's your only defense.
I found five bucks the other day when I was putting my books away. One of my forgotten "stashes!" See ya soon! Love ya!
Great post. I love your posts and especially reading about you finding your lost "stash." I thought losing things you put way for "safe keeping" only happened to old folks like me.
Congrats on finding your "lost" stuff. I have had that happen to me too! I put up a Christmas present for my husband one year and never did find it (until we moved out of that house!)
Keep fighting for what you believe in. I admire you for what you are doing.
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