Didn't the Brady Bunch ever have problems?

Today i blogged a bunch of not so fun stuff. I just unblogged it! Was not feeling very good this morning but am a little better now. That fall i took a week or so ago gave me some 'after effects' - causing pain and overall making me feel sorry for myself. It doesn't hurt so much right now but for some reason it gets worse when i'm trying to sleep at night. I don't handle pain well and without a good night's sleep i'm a bear!

Some of my kids used to tell me they didn't phone much whenever they didn't have 'good' news. Well now i can relate. Today is not a good day for me to blog. Have a nice weekend.

osray... thanks for your comments on my earlier blog entry. I guess i was really missing Frank today. I took that entry down before I even knew anybody had read it.
sherle, we'll read the "bad stuff" as well as the good stuff, if that's what you want to write. You're entitled. My goodness, woman, you've been through a lot. {{{hugs}}}
Hi Mom1
I guess I haven't taken the time to smell the flowers much lately. I see It's been awhile since I've been here. Nat came over saturday and we got my house pretty much in shape, but I still have the computer room to do. I'll have to get on that soon, but today, I'm going to take the time to smell some flowers!
Love you
I sensor my blog sometimes too, but I just want you to know that we'll listen to the "not so fun stuff" as much as we are happy to listen to the fun stuff. i love you Mom
Sherle, you have a bunch of "fans" out here who like to read your posts whether negative or positive because you are expressing feelings we all have...the "bad days" as well as the good ones.
I hope all your days are good days. But when they aren't so good, I'll listen then, too.

I think February is the least happy month in my life. Can't help it - it just is.
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