Happy New Year... another new beginning

This one is a favorite photo from the Christmas season. It's the centerpiece I used this year on the table.

Otto, Windy and I were discussing how we worked on the 26 Things photo scavenger hunt but weren't quite finished for a number of reasons. One of those reasons was that we didn't really like all of the topics - a woman's prerogative, right? Anyway, we decided we would change up to five of the topics and finish ours by the fifteenth of January.

Got me to thinking. Remember my old PhotoTime Tuesday? We know more people have digital cameras than when I started it... including Windy. We like posting our photos to share, but it seems the existing photo memes are so huge our pictures just seem to get buried in the hundreds who post to those websites, with only a select few always featured. Thus a new photo meme was born.

How do you like Favorite Five... on the Fifteenth? It starts officially in February (that's when I'll send out emails to the old PhotoTime mailing list) but if you want a head start, get your five favorites ready by January 15 and tell us where to see them! Meanwhile I'll be developing the website including a list of places where you can store your photos.

Now for a bit of Monday Madness from OttO:

Otto said, 'Happy New Year to you all! This week we're going to try something a little different.
Using the letters in the words HAPPY NEW YEAR, give yourself 2 minutes to list all the words you can make.'

I think I got them in less than two minutes!!!

Today I'm feeling just a wee bit click me to get your own moody bears from OttO!

Hi Mom! I'm going to post my fab 5 sometime this week. I think this will be great!
I wasn't all that clear on what to do, and I think what you did was great!! And it does give me an idea for a future MM. Thank you! Love you! =)
The 'hairy animal' thing must have come into my head because of Bubba's newly reactiviated attempts to kill EllieMae (cats)!!! He has become a real beast since he found out he can draw blood from his enemy (EllieMae). Thank God the p-p part of my ramblings is not real! He still uses the kitty litter, so he's not totally bad. ;-)
Very clever use of letters, sherle!
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