Just a bit more to what I said below...

Oh yeah... here's a view from my kitchen window this morning! Had to share it because this is really how the snow looked today... all fresh and new and very very white!

This is why I haven't been feeding the birds this winter. Don't really think it's right to risk falling. For some reason these new knees have made me stronger in many ways... I can get lots more done because they don't hurt anymore. In other ways they've made me into a big wimp! I don't want to risk damaging them and going back to all that old pain. Now I know why Frank had the feeders on the back deck. It may be messier for the deck but it's much more user friendly for the person doing the feeding.

That's a lot of snow! Beautiful! I'm glad that you're careful with your new knees; take care of them and they will take care of you, right? love you MOM!
By the way, what was the heating pad for?

Also, I love your flickr badge!! =)
Maybe you could change to Grumbleknees... Oh well just a thought... My sweetie is cautioning me about feeding the birds because the News on TV said not to because of the Avian Flu... I think it is only the migrating birds in spriong and fall... and the only ones I like that migrate every year are the swallows and you don;t feed them. Beautiful back yard snow.
Jan - Your dad really encouraged me to have the second one replace last year, remember? He said he would take care of me until May and then I would be 'on my own.' We didn't know I'd REALLy be on my own by end of August!

Nat - the heating pad was for my sacroiliac! I think I bruised something the other day when that desk chair dumped me on the floor. I find a couple of Tylenol a couple times a day works better than the heating pad though.

Osray - Grumbleknees! I LOVE it ;-) About the Avian flu - a doctor friend of mine gave a talk on the dangers in the U.S. right now. They are minimal. He told me if we feel a need to avoid any birds it should be migrating water fowl.
we have no snow...yippee
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