Just in case I can't get back here today...

...a fun little quiz I found at Shirl's! I was hoping for Peter Pan but well... here's the cartoon character I most resemble.

Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?
created with QuizFarm.com
Hmmm! Wonder why I'm feeling a bit goofy today.

I enjoyed that quiz, Sherle. I turned out to be Goofy too.
that looks like something I need to check out.
Hi! I just caught up on my reading! It's good to "hear" from you! Love ya! Shar
I'm Peter Pan! =)

I'm going to post my results on my blog...

Love you!
that's been such a fun quizzy!

Whew. The weekend is almost here.
after I answered all the questions and clicked on submit, pooof the computer devil stole it and the pooter was hung up.
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