Sometimes you feel like a nut...

sometimes you know you are! ...and sometimes, when you're 'mommy' to five cats, if you're not scooping up what they already ate and processed you have to go out and buy more catfood so they can do it all over again. That's what I went shopping for today so why did my bill come to $99.00???? Good thing I didn't really need any groceries, isn't it?

Three of us have posted urls to our favorite five photos for the past month. I finally posted mine a few minutes ago. You can find them at my sherle's photos website. Sorry you had a tough time finding it Shirl - the Favorite 5 Photos, that is! I just put a link here on this page to make it easier to find. Feel free to grab the button and put it on your own website so you can add a link to the Fave 5. See the pretty purple button? I made it at typoGenerator, one of the places recommended by Meg at Mandarin Design. It sure messes up my green theme, doesn't it? Guess it's getting time for a color change here, eh?

Wow - I hope you got some people food in that $99 grocery cart!
Lucky cats
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