I call this picture..

...Annie Hall meets granni39. This is the pair of shoes I wore to a very special meeting Friday! Received the boot on Thursday and the 'little' shoe is part of a favorite pair of mine. With a pair of black trouser socks and black slacks, it doesn't really look all that bad. Trouble is to get around I'm using a walker - you know - the one I used early in recovery when the new knees were installed.

The bad news? I broke my right foot in two places - actually the end of a metatarsal on the bottom and and a tibial something or other just above my ankle.

The good news? After a miserable day and a half with crutches and a temporary (split) cast issued by the emergency room I needed no cast at all. The breaks were unusual but quite minor and I just have to keep the foot immobile and keep my weight off it. Doc told me he has seen both of those breaks before - but never both on the same foot!

In three weeks I will see my doctor again and it should be healed in six weeks. Meanwhile, I'm a little more dependent than usual... very grateful for a helpful family and some special friends... but more independent without the crutches.

How did it happen? ...stepping UP a small, well-marked curb in the garage where I took my truck for maintenance. My right foot was just shy of where it should have been as it slid down the side of the curb - twisting the ankle as I came down. Got a pretty good shiner on my right eye... with some minor dark spots on the other and my 'regal Roman nose' aka already kinda big - well all I can say is when I saw it all I needed to add was a little Groucho Marx mustache!

My little 4-wheel drive truck? Ready to go!!! Me? Not yet.

Stop over at sherle's photos where I posted my Favorite 5 Photos - and you'll get a chance to see the dainty feet that match this lovely pair of shoe-ware! Meanwhile, I'm keeping a leg up - per doctor's advice!

ai-yi-yi! I have to take my car in for some work this week, I'm gonna be mighty careful about stepping up!

{{{hugs}}} and take care of you!
Ouch. I think that was a couple of strokes of bad luck.

I guess it's good that you don't need a cast. Although the footwear is a bit strange looking.

I hope it heals perfectly and soon!

sounds like you're "makin' lemonade" that's all you can do! i love you MOM!
magnet therapy will help your bones heal faster...take it from someone who's been there...
Hope you get to walking again soon. That must have a bunch of pain... Take it easy as you can.
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