Where've I been???

You' d think a retired lady would have more time, wouldn't you? Well, obviously that's not the case. I have been checking some of my favorite blogs but haven't really sat down to write here at my blog. I did blog at Tittabawassee River Voice a time or two and have more to say there... maybe tomorrow.

I'm behind on the Fotopherrets photo challenge... Lady Starlight's challenge this week is 'memory' and I'm sure I can find something suitable! Also need to pull together my Favorite5 photos for the month. Been taking pictures every day!!! Got lots to choose from... and this past weekend I even saw a delightful version of Cinderella at one of my granddaughters' high school... got a few good shots there too.

I did get over to Monday Madness and here are my answers:
OttO says, How about some 'fill-in-the-blanks' this week? Thanks for playing, everyone! =)

1. When driving in my car, my radio station is usually tuned to WSGW, a local am station, mostly featuring 'talk radio'.
2. When I turn my television on, even if I'm not really paying close attention to it, it's usually on Fox News.
3. If I owned a pet, I would own a total of five cats (actually they own ME), because most of them just stopped by because they needed a home.
4. I own an Epson printer. I bought it because I wanted to print photos.
5. You can find all kinds of books in my bookshelves, but mostly this type: scarey or adeventure novels.
6. I take about a dozen or more pictures every day.
7. I blog about 5-20 times a month.
8. I've been really busy learning to be even more independent than I was lately.

Glad to see you blogging again. Good MM answers; I will play too. Busy is good, right? See you soon and I love you Mom!
I like your answers too, Mom. I hope you're doing well tonight. Since I have an excellent signal now, I think I can post my pics for Fave Five soon! Love you lots! =)
gosh...did you break your foot...i broke mine 7 times...are you casted...
Your sweet daughter suggested I come over and wish you well on your foot.
I'll not only do that I say a prayer over it's healing.
You take good care! Hugz
we're waiting for the story of the foot, dear Sherle! Lots of experiences for you lately. {{{hugs}}}
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