March went out like a LION...

hail on the deck40 mile/hour winds hammered hail against the west side of homes in my area!!! I hobbled over to the back door with my camwalker on and caught this picture of the deck before all that hail melted! Yes, temperature was up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday but the storm blew through and cooled things off a bit for today.

You'd think not getting around I'd have more time to blog.... not so! Been clearing out drawers... sorting through old files... shredding and recycling. Still taking photos every day anyway!!!

The foot is healing nicely. I can see progress because I take the 'beastly boot' off my foot to sleep, shower, and when I'm sitting to watch tv in the evening. The swelling has gone down lots! I still keep my weight off it mostly, using the walker for support... and just know that doing all the right stuff will get me on my own two feet quickly.

Made a little mistake in reporting what was broken... the bones involved are 'distal fibula' and 'proximal 5th metatarsal' - both on the right foot.

Hi Mom, BE CAREFUL while you're taking pics; I know the pics are important, but you are much more important - I love you!

thanks for sharing the pics ;)
I'm glad you're starting to heal. And do be careful. When things start to feel better, sometimes it's there's a tendency take small chances - always a mistake.

Happy sorting.
Ditto, ditto, ditto! Love you! =)
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