Sleepy Time Girl...

...a very old song! I've been able to awaken by 8:00 am without an alarm clock for several years... because I don't want to 'sleep my life away.' During the last year I've actually been waking up even earlier most days - anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30 - so I really no longer worry about wasting the day sleeping. (It's a generational thing... or maybe family... or maybe both.)

This morning I woke up - put on my glasses so I could read the clock - and was shocked!!! It was 9:20 am! Unbelievable! I have a particular task to accomplish today and didn't want to waste any time whatsoever!

What happened? I don't know... all I do know is that my body seems to usually get what it needs - even if I'm not consciously taking care of myself. I think it really needed that good, long, deep sleep! I do remember spending time with Frank - in some sort of 'every day' situation - even though I can't for the life of me remember details! All I know is we discussed something.

The Walleye Festival/Community Rummage Sale was a smashing success! It was a first for yours truly... who always left town for the event in past years. I actually had a rummage sale! I actually enjoyed it... the variety of shoppers... doing something as part of the community... the camaradery with two daughters and a granddaughter working with me... and most of all..... people actually paid for stuff I didn't want anymore!!! I think it will happen again.

Speaking of sleep... Monday Madness had a couple of sleep-related items this week. It's a 'fill in the blanks' one, lots of fun... and easy! Thank you my lovely daughter, OttO. Here are my answers:

1. Sleeping in for me means sleeping until 10:00 am or later.

2. Staying up late means I don't go to bed until after midnight.

3. I probably spend more time playing Spider Solitaire than I would like should.

4. And I don't spend nearly enough time playing outdoors.

5. I have zero tolerance for people who think they know what is best for me better than I do... be they government, non-governmental organizations, or individuals.

6. I have a lot of patience when it comes to loved ones, creating websites, remodeling and redecorating my home.

Good answers to Monday Madness... It was one of those weeks when I had no idea what I was going to ask until I sat down at the computer.

I had a really lovely weekend and enjoyed visiting AND getting rid of junk and making money doing it too!

Love you! =)
I definitely enjoyed the week; sleep is good.
It's good to sleep in a little once in a while. I'm an early riser, but love a long sleep on occassion.

And I love rummage sales. Haven't been to one in years.
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