Monday Madness Motivates Me...

..to get some blogging done. I'll give you my MM answers after I blog awhile.

..but first I'll explain the frog by answering the first question: 1. I have a picture of my newest frog (see it?) on my computer desktop. Okay... this one is on my laptop and I just now changed it. Been wanting to anyway. The previous picture was my forsythia in bloom.

You know, I live out in the country - sort of - that is, it's beginning to build up around me but it was 'out in the country' when we moved here. Anyway, since my kids were small there were groundhogs (aka woodchucks) on the property. I used to watch the baby ones in early spring as they played on the woodpiles where we kept wood for our fireplaces. The woodchucks became increasingly a nuisance and began burrowing under our new garage when the husband built it back in 1984. We bought a shotgun so the husband could control the problem and protect the under-structure of the garage... but when he aimed at it, the critter looked at him and he just couldn't actually shoot it. He actually did shoot one later... but after that they pretty much ran rampant, creating holes in several spots on our property!

Now that my husband is gone my neighbor's husband, Jack, has 'adopted' me. (He likes to do the projects that just keep popping up in the yard.) Being a country boy, he has no qualms about getting rid of nuisance critters in the yard. Jack sets traps and only uses his shotgun if really necessary. Well, he pretty much got rid of the groundhogs.

Did you know there is a critter that will take over abandoned burrows? That critter, unfortunately, is the skunk! In the past week Jack has caught three skunks in his traps... the last one this morning. He's thinking he got the mother first but there is probably a whole family of them surviving. Catching a skunk sounds dangerous but Jack has a technique and has not been sprayed - yet. His dog, unfortunately has had two baths in the past three days. Seems she finds the critters and just wants to 'help' her master.

Shirl, fyi - you may want to either buy a shotgun or get a good neighbor to adopt you!

Now, here's the rest of my Monday Madness:
2. There are not many pictures hanging on my living room walls because my walls are brick. I do, however have a picture I painted years ago, a collage of old photos from the '80's, and a froggy picture created by Patti on the walls, but I have family photos on shelves, the mantle and other surfaces in the living room..

3. My big goal for this week is to get my boat in the water for this season and remove everything from the other room I'm remodeling so the drywall man can do his job. Hmm, I guess I have two big goals (and a few smaller ones.)

4. I plan to visit all my favorite blogs this week even though some of my favorites haven't been very bloggy lately.

5. The weather we're having right now is perfect - in the low 70's fahrenheit... perfect for gardening and any yard work.

6. I really should not worry about doing anything more often. Sorry, OttO! Love you anyway. ;-) Just my new philosophy of life!


After just a few weeks on "the farm" I see your point. Great post, sherle!
I love your answer to #6, Mom! No apology necessary...

Thanks for playing my MM again. Love you! =)
Just stopped in to read your MM. I think your desktop pic is fab. EEEEK! I read about your critter invasion. P-U!
Jack sure is a good guy! I'm glad they're there. Love you MOM!
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