There is a job I WILL do...

..probably (hopefully) when our Michigan days once again become shorter and grow colder. I will scan whatever oldest photos we were able to preserve after the flood of 1986 when the whole lower level of our home had 5 and a half feet of river in it.

Yesterday I read a quicky blurb in the newspaper about Dr. Volk's boat that he shared with patients and hospital staff until around 1971. It was actually a semi-v hulled houseboat although the newspaper referred to it as a pontoon. There is a difference.

This morning I put a load of laundry in the washing machine and then started looking for our old houseboat. Yes, we bought his old boat when we got tired of camping in a tent full of sand every summer. I found an old album with photos around the boat and during that timeframe but this photo was the best I could find to show the boat. Wasn't much into photographing back then and the husband was in his slide photo presentation phase. Alas! Slides didn't hold up as well as prints in the flood of '86!

Also found this sketch I drew of Frank as he was at the helm of our houseboat one day. It was one of our longer cruises and that's the only reason I was able to draw it. He was 'bound to the wheel' for an extended period of time... and even though he tried to get me to stop I was able to finish the drawing. Handsome fellow, wasn't he?

Anyway... a couple of hours later this morning... I remembered the laundry. It was going anywhere so I pulled it out of the washer and finally got half of the stuff into the dryer. It will be done eventually. I'm supposed to stay off my healing foot once in awhile anyway, right?

Speaking of broken bones, I actually answered OttO's Monday Madness today... and here it is:
1. I have broken five bones in my lifetime. (2 hairline fractures -both wrists - when I was just a very young mom with six small children and two ankles and a bone at the end of my little toe - all on the right foot - March of this year and still recovering.)
2. I have had to get zero I think stitches except for some stitches after birthing my first child.
3. The worst I've ever injured myself was when I broke my foot this year.
4. I've had to go to the Emergency room at least two timesfor myself but many many times with my kids.
5. On a scale of 1 (being the highest) to 10 (being the lowest), my pain tolerance is a 8 or 9 probably.

Sorry... Blogger giving me problems and the houseboat photo didn't go up. Hopefully I can get it here later today. ;-)
I love that sketch of Dad!!!!!!!! You're good Mom - ever have the urge to sketch one of your kittie cats? Love you!
Just stopping by to read your MM. I am sorry to hear about the recent foot injury. BTW, The sketch is terrific! Have a great week.
That is an EXCELLENT sketch of Dad, Mom! You are very talented...

I love the houseboat pic and would very much love to see more pics from that era. Thanks for doing MM this week!

Love you! =)
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