Ya know how there are always people trying to tell us what to do?

... like for instance, there's now a group of bureaucrats that want to regulate portion sizes that are served to us in restaurants... like it's the restaurants' and fast food places' fault that we are increasingly becoming an increasingly fat society!!!

Well this young man found a solution. Check out The Monkey Chow Diaries. Perhaps government regulated 'People Chow' is not far behind, eh? (Sorry about his logo... I learned that's a no-no a while back while 'talking' to a bad driver!)

When you're an adult in a restaurant, you should know when to stop eating. The left overs can be taken home, and usually make a great lunch the next day.
sometimes i just have to have ribs at the outback restaurant; as soon as they put them on my table, i as for a to go container and put half of them in it! Great breakfast!
ask that is
I agree with Cassie-b. We ARE adults afterall, and we're supposed to be responsible for OUR OWN ACTIONS... =)
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