Good afternoon...

...and so I distracted myself today and instead of painting I cleaned out all the kitty litter boxes and started them all over again with fresh litter... and did some other cleaning too! Taking a break right now but just needed to sit for a bit.

I think my remaining four fuzzy ones realize this is a new phase in their furry little lives. Ellie Mae knows she can move about the house without fear now; AmyLou knows she can sleep with me without worrying over Bubba; Goober is the male around the house just as he always figured (no matter that he is half Bubba's size).... and Daisy Mae? Well, Daisy is Daisy!

It's nice to take a break from a long-term project.

And it sounds as if you enjoyed your respite.

Have a great weekend!
I think I would have done the same; fresh starts are always good! love you Mom
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