One year ago today...

...my life changed forever when my partner of 50 years died. This past year was one of adjustment... of learning... and phasing into a whole new way of life. I do not like it; I do not dislike it. I accept it. Yesterday I wrote my thoughts in his remembrance. I titled it Anniversary.
That day... that moment... when your soul left your body, I knew.
We will no longer walk together along the beach
...hearing the sounds of nature around us,
enjoying a contented peaceful togetherness.

Many souls joined you that day.
As Hurricane Katrina blew in,
my best friend drifted free.

Shall I scream? ...or cry? ...perhaps wring my hands in despair?
...or wallow in the muddy substance of self-pity, mourning my loss?
No! I will celebrate the release of your beautiful soul...
...from it's prison of muscle, skin and bone...
...to the freedom of God's universe!

wow! I have tears -they're not bad. You are wonderful Mom - I love you!
Like bug said; WOW! Very poignant. Your prompts me to tell you how much I learned from you and about you this past year. Sorrow over loss also is joy for what was found. Love
I was thinking about you this week and am very pleased that you have such a wonderful perspective. You embrace and express such grace. The more I get to know you, the more I appreciate what I've found in Bug. I know a beautiful place to have a private celebration.....you can only get there by mule though.... S
Mom, that is beautiful. Love you lots.
wonderful tribute, Sherle. He must have been quite a man, and you're quite a gal! And isn't it great to know that he's "home".
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