Choosing floorcoverings...

is sort of fun... paying for it? not so much! Paint stirrers show the color of the two rooms needing flooring.

Wednesday I brought home samples... I think I've narrowed it down... hallway/foyer areas will be easy care vinyl - a good heavy duty grade - shown on the right. This color shows pretty true on my computer - and goes well with the existing ceramic tile in the dining and kitchen areas. The yellow? - That is the color of the new activity room aka family room. That color extends into the hallway where I want the vinyl. Even though I chose a different vinyl floor for the bathroom and laundry room, I just might decide to use this one in those rooms as well.

Going with the medium shade of carpeting - bottom left - in bedroom and activity room. The pink is my bedroom wall color. These colors do not look exactly this color but close. Had the rooms measured yesterday and expect a phone call tomorrow from the store - with a final cost estimate. Now that I've made a decision I'm anxious to get things done!

Good luck with your project. It makes me feel a bit guilty, though. We haven't done anything to our house in nearly a year. Maybe it's time for a bit of sprucing up.

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