It WILL slow down someday... ???

...maybe, but would I like it? Here's a pic of the paint job. As you can see there's room for lots of landscaping up close to the house! Yup! I've moved a few things & demolished the jumangi junipers! Thanks Emilio!

Actually, the north & east sides of the house aren't painted yet, but the deck is done. Had the garage reroofed yesterday - yup! They got the whole thing done in one day and that included rebuilding part it.

Speaking of Emilio... he reduced the size of the hearth in my new activity room and has promised to get the wood burning fireplace insert out so I can get some carpet ordered. Don't want to get new carpet dirty with the uninstall. Plan to put an electric one in it's place.

Dave stopped by yesterday and was amazed at progress since last time he was here. Promised to be back next weekend to install closet and bedroom doors. I was so glad for that, I forgot he was also planning to drop off some trim wood today... so I wasn't here when he stopped by after work. Talk about kicking a gift horse in the head!!! Duh ME!!!

Firmed up plans for some quality time with one of my sisters next week. We will be checking out my cottages and spend some time at the beach. Looking forward to it!!!

OttO has finally blogged again. Stop by and say hello to her... maybe we can motivate her to get back on a regular basis now that her remodel project is just about done! Hurray for you, Nat!

...and now that Autumn is in the air!

Your house looks beautiful!! I like the colors.

Hope you're staying warm this weekend, and I'll talk to you soon. I'm glad you and your sister are going next weekend. You'll have fun. =)

Love you!
the house looks great Mom_ wow! that's a lot of work being done; I didn't realize you were working on the garage too. You will definitely be ready for a break in November - love you!
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