Natalie's Rummage Sale was Rained out again...

..and when I approached my front door to go outside to get my newspaper today, I found this forlorn little kitten huddled, shivering, against the door.
Look at that adorable innocent little face!

I vowed not to even touch her - yes, her!!! - calico cats are always female. I have four cats... and that is perhaps too many, but I will not take in more. They are 'indoor' cats and have all the shots and no parasites and also have been spayed and/or neutered.

What to do; what to do! I talked to Foggy... she suggested I at least take her in so she doesn't die of hunger out there... so I found this old kitty carrier (recently cleaned but rusty) and put in some kitty litter at one end, a small towel and a dish of water and food. I wet the food to soften it for her. She looks to be not much more than maybe five weeks old - too young to be taken from her mother. She gobbled the food down - I didn't give her more because I'm afraid she would get sick. I'll give her more later today. Had to move her to another room - behind closed door - because her pitiful little cries were driving the rest of the household (the cats but mostly me) a bit crazy.

What kind of person will discard such a sweet innocent little creature anyway? I will not keep her - might have to take her to the animal shelter Monday. I have some leads for finding her a home... but not very promising... Pray for her, okay?

Just wasn't meant to be, I guess; the rummage sale, that is.

That kitty is adorable! I hope you find her a home.

The carpet looks like a really good choice for both rooms. I would try a couple of flooring places for prices.

Love you! =)
she is an adorable kitty - I think you're doing the right thing; take her someone else soon - I don't think it's an accident that cute kitties are found near/at your house - people know of your heart and drop them off strategically.
.............. or....... the kitties themselves are just drawn to you ;)
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