Thought I was done blogging for today but...

I was just catching up on blogs and Shirl took a photo last week that is pretty similar to this one I took last week. Not to disappoint, in case you stop by Shirl, here it is!

Discovering this lonely red leaf was sort of like spotting the first robin in spring...

Soon my maple tree will be gold & red all over... then the raking - ah the raking - hope weather stays warm enough to get it all done before snowfall!

Dear Sherle,

Do you own the domain name phototime.com? I'm interested in it. I'm contactable via xiaogc@gmail.com.

Look forward to hearing from you.

aha! Great minds, eh?

I tried to comment on your previous post last night, but wasn't able to make the connection. Thank you for sharing your stories of your husband. And Happy Anniversary.
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