Today is special...

and I want to thank Natalie for the special wishes!
I understand. Why do I share this picture of my freshly painted garage? It's an example of the words expressed by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, which Natalie shared in her blog today.

As many know, this summer, for me, has been one of renewal and completion. This garage is an example. Until a couple of weeks ago, it was red with a black, leaky roof and a tarry brush adorning it. The brush was testament to Frank's last effort to at least put a temporary fix to the leak. It was there for a more than a year. Frank did not like to hire something done if he could do it himself and he had installed the black roof. He was determined to fix it too.

Thursday, when I returned home from a computer club board meeting, I stood at the kitchen door just looking at this garage and my garden - and the pond Frank installed for me last summer. For some reason the tears began to flow. It felt good. There was a warmth in the moment that is difficult to describe. Then it was gone. Those tears are rare... the last time must have been many months ago...

Today would be our 51st wedding anniversary. Thank you, Natalie, for the good wishes. They are still important to me... The old leaky roof may be gone, but the fresh new one is testament to your dad's memory too!

Wow! I love it! I hope the weather cooperates with your master plan! Love ya!
I just read Otto's letter to you and it really touched my heart.

I hope that your treasure box of happy memories will always make you smile and become your comfort and aid against loneliness.

Take care!

Ok, I have tears in my eyes...

I wish I'd have stopped by on the 24th, but here I am now.

Love you lots, Mom and I think your garage is gorgeous!!! =)
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