Enough with the kitty-crap...

..I'm guessing this topic grows old if you're not the kitty-'mommy' so I promise to slow it down after today.

Been feeling so guilty keeping her segregated and there's still a whole week to go so I gave her this toy. It's just a weighted base with a fuzzy ball at the end of the wire spring but she entertains herself literally for hours!!!

She started playing before Survivor came on and was still going during Grey's Anatomy! See? I have an exciting life... just try to phone me during one of these shows and you'll know... you'll wonder if I'm home cuz I won't answer the phone.

Right now I'm almost ready to give her a name... been thinking about Sharba's Poe Purree name... not just because she's my daughter (honest!) but because she has a diabolical viewpoint! Decided I could still go country by naming her after a famous person... ya'll know - that Paree` Hilton chicky! Decidin' since my kitty's a po' little stray I might'n jest call her Po'Purree` and it could be referrin' both ta the Paree` Hilton gal an' that thar smelly stuff fancy folk puts in bowls around the house insteada snacks! Then there's the fact she's all mixed up in colors - kinda like that smelly stuff!

YEAH YEAH YEAH!! GO FOR IT! Plus she's sooo purrty!! By the way; there's no such thing as "Too much kitty stuff!!!" Love ya!
She's pretty from every angle.

oh how cool! I kinda wondered if you weren't going to keep her. I'm happy!
That sounds like a cute and fun name. :) I love reading about your cats and the overwhelming love you give them. They are very lucky pets.

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