Here's my Monday Madness...

I'll be back later with some cute kitty pictures. Got a busy day ahead of me cuz I was able to move into my bedroom this weekend. Thanks to Dave for finishing up that room! Thanks to Emilio and Dave for risking hernias to move that big heavy furniture into the room! I'll be back to fix this too! Was using Mozilla instead of Explorer and haven't the foggiest idea what happened!

This week's questions are, once again, from fellow participants! Thanks to all of you for your questions, AND for playing! Have an awesome week! =)

1. From bev:
Small town or big city?
Small town – actually not in the town but near it. I grew up in a city and moved to the small town to raise our children.

2. From turtlemoonwave:
Do you have a favorite childhood memory, and if so, would you share it?
I remember my mom took us ‘up north’ for vacations sometimes. When we went we stayed in a borrowed cottage with lake access. Sometimes she couldn’t take us ‘up north’ and we would go to Wenonah Beach in the neighboring town on Saginaw Bay – where there was an amusement park. It even had a wooden roller coaster and I loved to ride on it.

3. From cat:
How do you calm down when something has really upset and/or angered you? Do you swallow it? Call a friend and rant? Go in the bathroom and cry? Punch a wall? Walk around muttering to yourself, complete with scary hand gestures?
I guess I just sit down and write about it… usually in a blog and save as a draft. Then, depending on circumstances I might discuss it with somebody. Sometimes, after I’ve calmed down I delete what I wrote; other times I just leave it in there as a draft I no longer use ‘sign language’ toward other drivers though… ever since a guy actually stopped his truck in the road in front of me! I got out of that one by driving in the opposite direction – even though my blinker told him where to ‘wait’ for me!

4. From dna princess:
What attracts you to memes?'
It started as a solution to writers’ block but then – well I guess I just like the challenge and reading how others feel about the same subjects.

5. From mads:
How reliant are you on computers to get through your day?
Since I’m retired I don’t have to rely on a computer – but I do! I depend on my computer to google answers to things I used to look up in the dictionary or encyclopedia. I use my computer to look up phone numbers of people and businesses instead of the paper phone book. It’s so much faster and complete! I also use the computer to relax – usually with a quick game of Spider Solitaire – and of course I use it to communicate! If I really need to get a message to somebody I find it quicker to send an email because snail mail is so slow and I usually think to phone somebody at odd times when they are probably at work or whatever.

6. From tizzie:
In a crisis, are you calm or do you panic?
I guess in a real crisis I go into ‘automatic drive’ and only get all emotional about it when the crisis is past. This seems to be a built in mechanism and I thank God for it.

No comments yet? I'm surprised. We have a lot of people on MM that love to visit others' blogs. I really like that interaction.

I hope you're getting a lot done, Mom. Your rooms sure look nice!

Talk to you soon! =)
Great childhood memory. :)

Memes are fun - they help with writer's block, as you said, and it's fun getting to know the others who participate in the meme.

Happy Monday and have a good week. :)
I learned something new! Good bit about the vacation! Keep telling those family stories! Love ya!
Thanks for sharing those nice childhood memories. I have happy memories of going to the beach with my family. I remember collecting shells, catching small fish and making sandcastles.

My son hasn't been to a big amusement park yet. I plan to bring him to one before Christmas. I'm sure he will love it.

Take care,
Hi Mom - I love reading your blogs; i like learning more and more about you. there is a wooden roller coaster in SD. I think Patti and Fam rode it while they were here. Love you!
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