Isn't she just the CUTEST!!!?

AmyLou loves to watch her... she watches right back!

I need another cat around the house like I need a hole in my head. (You don't suppose I have a hole somewhere inside my head???) You knew I was gonna keep her, didn't you? I think she and Amy will get along just fine. Not so sure about some of the others - especially Goober - but we'll see. The tough part is keeping her away from the others for a whole two week period!

My mom & sister stopped by today... and of course they think she's adorable! Each of them has one spoiled rotten cat. See, I can't spoil 'em cuz I have so many... sort of like when the girls were all home. Mom, Gerry & I went out for lunch at a local place. Enjoyed both the food and the company!

Gerry says her youngest son does ceramic tile work!!! Hooooray!!! This has been heavy on my mind - having all those tiles and paraphenalia in the basement... but nobody to install it. She will talk with him about it and I expect to hear from him soon. Another of her sons will check out the work needed at the lake this weekend and hopefully will finish the drywall/insulation job there!

I finalized my order for carpet today... and it should arrive in about ten days. Getting the ceramic tile versus vinyl flooring problem out of my head sure made this job easy!!!

Okay, here's just one more picture of my baby! Still looking for more names... I kinda like SadeyMae! (Thanks Cas!) Sharba, I suppose you've got some high-falutin' musician's name in mind? That might be kinda nice... but probably not very country! Can you believe - I sort of considered Baby Girl, but gee! I call each of the other three that on occasion... so...

There is a great bead artist that I love called Liza Lou.
hi sherle. she's very cute. hope the other cats will learn to accept her. i'm sure they will because she seemed so adorable. hope you find a nice name for her.
take care.

That cat is SO cute! (And I don't like cats lol!) xx
Thanks for the comments! Peruby, I like Liza... got me to thinking of more names... LadyLiza, Lizzy, BettyLou, Genie, LadyJane..
Azzie, you like cats... you just don't know it yet! ;-)

Did anybody ever wonder why - people don't usually name cats Lady but it's a common name for dogs? Hmmm... LadyLou?
Enough with the "Lous" already! How about Poe Purree? Har Har! Get iy?
Wait! Betty Lou! I love it. Bob Seger's song "Betty Lou's gettin' out tonight!"
I'm changing my vote.
That has got to be one of the cutest kittens I've ever seen!
she is a cutie!
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